Reaction Engines

The ambition.

Reaction Engines’ revolutionary hypersonic SABRE engine has the potential to revolutionise space travel and international flight. Research and testing revealed SABRE’s heat exchange technology could also help transform a host of other industries – from automotive to energy to defence. They needed a new brand positioning to help them compete to become a major global player.


Making beyond possible. Brand video.

The fuel.

We’ve been brand partners with Reaction Engines for four years – helping them tell the story of an engineering firm that tripled in size to become an organisation with global reach. But they needed a new, inspirational brand strategy to take them beyond the aerospace sector and  help them achieve ambitious commercial targets.

The answer? Elevate the Reaction Engines brand beyond a purely technological space, and focus instead on the transformative potential of their work. Giving the whole organisation greater confidence and an improved reputation with their high-profile target audience. All summed up in a simple, inspirational and powerful brand promise: making beyond possible.


A wholesale rebrand.


Company credentials.


External brand messaging.


Employee guide.

The outcome.

Reaction Engines are now ideally placed to take their business beyond what was previously possible. SABRE is entering a new key phase of testing and they’re well on the way to introducing their revolutionary technology to automotive, energy and other aerospace firms. Their new brand provides them with the platform they need to engage with all their audiences on this exciting journey.