Argos Froyanes

Conquering the southern oceans

The brief

Argos Froyanes is a leading fishing operator in the South Atlantic. For over 20 years they have been setting the standard by which Toothfish is sustainably harvested in some of the world’s most sensitive and demanding marine environments.

In 2016 they commissioned two new state-of-the-art ships with the ambition to expand their operation into the South Georgia Fishery. However, despite being a highly-respected company, Argos Froyanes had no public face. In the process of applying for new licenses it was important to raise their profile amongst government, the scientific community and the wider industry.


What we did

After setting a vision, a mission, and values for the company, we developed a communications strategy. Then an identity, a website, printed materials, videos and comprehensive social media content. In short, we created a brand and communications function in just nine months. Less time than it took to build the boats.

The upside

In 2018 Argos Froyanes was successful in their bid to win licenses for both new ships in the South Georgia Fishery.


...and some Frank words:

“The Frank Agency helped us understand our mission as a business. We’ve then worked together to articulate our values so they are successfully aligned with the goals of government and our South Georgia fishery partners.”
Peter Thomson, CEO, Argos Froyanes Ltd